Oral Surgical Procedures

Canyon Lakes OMS Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting

Today, we have the ability to grow bone where needed. We can repair areas that have inadequate bone as a result of extractions, gum disease, or injury. This not only gives us the opportunity to place implants, but it also gives us the chance to restore functionality and esthetic appearance.
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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are changing the way people live. They are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth which look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Patients with dental implants can smile with confidence.
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Impacted Teeth

An impacted tooth simply means that it is “stuck” and can not erupt into the mouth and function normally. There are various procedures used to treat impacted teeth.
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Sleep Apnea

People with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) have disrupted sleep and low blood oxygen levels. When obstructive sleep apnea occurs, the tongue is displaced against the back of the throat. This blocks the upper airway and air flow stops.
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Oral Pathology

The inside of the mouth is lined with a special type of skin that is smooth and coral pink in color. Any alteration in appearance could be a warning sign of a pathologic process and should be evaluated by a health care professional.
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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth. Unfortunately, most wisdom teeth are not able to erupt in the mouth or align properly with other teeth. Early removal is recommended to avoid future problems and to decrease surgical risk.
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