Lip Augmentation

Lips may be enhanced in a variety of ways depending on your desired results and need.The lips may be augmented with injectible fillers such as Restylane that may last 6-9 months.

With any injection into the skin, there is the risk of bruising and swelling. The swelling usually resolves within 1-3 days and bruising can linger for 10-14 days. Injecting any filler into the skin can result in lumps which usually resolve within 2 weeks with gentle massage. These lumps are usually felt but rarely are they visible. Any filling is volume dependant – the deeper the groove, the more the material will be needed. The results of filling are best if repeated over time.

Injectables are excellent to add volume to the face and smooth large and small lines and grooves of the face. This modality is perfect for patients who are not ready for surgery but want minimally invasive rejuvenation. Our office often combines this therapy with other nonsurgical options such as Fraxel. Using multiple approaches such as these can result in fabulous and dramatic management of the aging process with minimal to no down time.

Restylane/Juvederm/Perlane/Juvederm - clear hyaluronic gels

Hyaluronic acid is found in all humans as a naturally occurring linear polysaccharide. It is widely distributed in our connective tissues. As such, the hyaluronic gels we use today have a wonderful safety record when compared to other filler agents. The gels:

  • Lasts 6-12 months
  • Injected with minimal lumping or bruising
  • Excellent for filling the red part of the lips
  • Multiple treatment sessions recommended
  • FDA approved for cosmetic lines and grooves of the face

Supporting documents

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